Project Life-ing

I think it was all the cute journal tags and page layouts that people on Pinterest kept pinning which made me want to start Project Life this year. I’m easily pleased, what can I say. This is in addition to Project 365, I know, I’m crazy, but I’m up for the challenge.

So, here’s my title page.

As you can see, Kate looks thrilled to be helping me out with this task!
And since this is going on my 2013 resolutions list, I might actually complete it! Well maybe, I’ve set myself some hard tasks this year, but that’s another post for another day.

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  1. Hey Joanne! Don't get me started on the nails – I wanted temporary ones for her farewell and they put acrylic ones on her! The 'sunshine' card, ok, so… I googled images for 'you are my sunshine' and I scrolled down until I found something I could make into a 4×6. Lots of portrait ones, but not many landscape type ones. I saved it and changed it to jpeg and printed it out when I got my photos printed. Hope this helps!

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