Scrapbook Your Year

At the beginning of 2020, I enrolled in a Cathy Zielske class, Scrapbook Your Year. The class no longer exists, but the basic premise is that your yearly Project Life album (or any other album) should be quick and easy. If it can be completed quickly then you should be able to finish it because it doesn’t feel like a burden.

I have to say that it has helped to get 2020 documented after many years of failed attempts.

Once the book has been completed, I am going to get it printed through Blurb, most probably. I will have the book printed as 12×12 because that’s what I have based the photo sizes and journalling size on.

I’ve also tried to start a couple of scrapbooking travel album, but I’m just not sure if this style is how I want to document them. I complete a few pages and then I’m just not satisfied. I’m sure I’ll land on a style soon though. Well, I hope so as I have a few travel albums I need to complete.

Without further ado, here are my title pages and January’s pages.

I can’t wait to see this album in print!

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