Scrapbooking: Stay wild

Here’s another layout I completed while away at a scrapbooking retreat. I am more creative when I am in a room full of like-minded crafters.

This is one of my favourite photos as it epitomises Kate and Luke. Kate is pretending to be a horse while Luke is pretending he has guns.

Some of my favourite scrapbooking supplies at the moment include anything Swiss cross. It’s going to be on-trend for a while, I think! I also love sequins because they are cost-effective, as a large bag of sequins costs only a dollar or two.

For a simple scrapbook idea, I layered several scrap pieces of patterned paper. I have large snaplock bags as storage for patterned paper scraps. I have many bags that are colour coded, so if I want a small piece of blue paper, I grab out the blue bag and look through my scraps. It works well for me.

8.5x11 scrapbooking layout kids ideas

As an example of a single photo scrapbook layout, I made it into a sketch that you can create your own layout with. So if you’re looking for free scrapbook sketches, I will start adding sketches with the layouts I upload. So make sure you come back and check out the blog every now and then.

scrapbook design ideas sketches

Supplies for your layout

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It’s always best to have a look through your stash to see what scrapbooking supplies you already have. But if you would like a little bit of retail therapy, below are a few basic scrapbooking supplies that I like to have on hand.

Border punches are an excellent way to give your paper edges some visual interest. One of the things I like best about punches is that you can use them over and over again. They are a great reusable item, which can save you money in the long run as you only need one or two.

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Paper pads are a fantastic way to make sure you have complementary paper for your layout. It makes choosing patterned paper easier as you know all the sheets will go with each other.

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Die cut and sticker packs gives your layouts a prettiness boost! Stickers and die cuts come in a variety of themes, so there's always going to be something perfect for your scrapbooking layout.

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More scrapbooking ideas

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