Some more Bazaar.

I created these layouts when I was at the Storyboard Kit’s retreat. I think you can tell. I was surrounded by the most amazing scrapbookers, so it is easy to draw inspiration from them.
These layouts were for the Blue Bazaar April Kit.
Yes, I thought the title ‘Little Pickers’ to be very funny.
Oh these photos make me so happy. My little girl, who is not so little anymore!
In other news, we went to Vivid last night in at Sydney. All my photos turned out awful so I won’t post any here. I took my monopod, but I think the photos were worse than holding the camera with my hands. Does anyone have any tips on how to actually use the monopod?
Anyway, our train got stuck at Town Hall because the crowds at Circular Quay were unsafe. So, we went one stop to Wynyard and hopped off and went home! I like people sure enough. I don’t like crowds! I hope next year that all the light installations are spread out across the city and not in two concentrated areas. Crazy!

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