White + Pastel + Masking

I did indeed buy a 60 pack of white American Crafts cardstock. Let me tell you, that’s a bucket load of white card!
What’s one to do with it? Check out White With 1 challenge blog, that’s what!
I thought the August challenge shouldn’t be too hard, pastel colours and masking.
I cut the hearts out on the cameo and used it as a mask and I inked the insides of the hearts. Then some crazy thing took hold of me and I thought that I would hand sew around the edge of the heart. Let’s just say, it was boring, took ages and hurt my fingers. And I won’t be hurrying back to do that anytime soon. Secretly I like the way it looks, but I’m lazy all about the easy way to do things.
And well, this is my layout:
And yes, I did copy myself with the pink around the outside from a couple of layouts ago. I liked the effect and it was boring with nothing around it, so why not?
What a nice way to spend a Friday night/Saturday morning. 🙂

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