Scrapbooking: Hermione and the Pirate

The December Inspirations are up over at AussieScrapJack!!! Make sure you go and check them out!!! Here is my effort. Now, before you adjust your monitor, it’s the layout that’s making your eyes go funny. The stripes on the stripped paper were not straight. It look ok at the time but once I took the photo, it just looks all too weird now like the page is bulging to the left. It’s a piece of MME that I had from a stack. You’ve been warned. LOL! Anyway, here is my layout:

Kate went to school camp this last week. Amy missed her terribly. She cried for her and was telling me Kate was ‘lost’. It’s so sweet as usually they just annoy each other. I guess distance really does make the heart grow fonder. She had a fantastic time and even though she missed home, it didn’t dampen her enthusiasm. She tried out sailing and her favourite activity was the rope swing. While we here in Sydney experienced rain all week, up the coast must have had fantastic weather because she is now a few shades browner! I am so glad she had a great week!
Now, I just want to leave you with a scary thought. Only 2 weeks left until Christmas eve. I suppose Santa better get herself organised…

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