B is for…

Beth – my name. I changed it officially through Births, Deaths and Marriages. I was born Elizabeth. My parents never called me Elizabeth. When I went to school they enrolled me as Beth, when they opened my first bank account they opened it in Beth. When I got my passport I signed my name Beth and so it was issued as Beth. My drivers license was issued in Beth. Everything except my birth certificate was in Beth. So when I went to get the kids passports I changed my name as I had to get a new birth certificate anyway! Needless to say, I had enough supporting documentation! LOL!

Blacktown – I was born and bred there and my kids were also born there.

Blue – my favourite colour.

Breakfast – my favourite meal of the day! And yes, soggy cereal does taste yummy, none of that crunchy stuff for me. I like to wait about 5 minutes of soaking before eating. Weird, maybe, but thats the way I like it!

Thats about all I can think of for B!

Here is a layout I have been working on these last couple of days. I took this photo 3 months before Websters death as I really wanted to do a layout on this! It’s just a shame it has to be retrospective. I wish he was still here and I wish I was still cursing his land mines. Oh well. I had a bit of a sook when I wrote out the journaling but it just reminds me of how special he was.

We had our dishwasher looked at today. It seems our life’s modern marvel has died! It is leaking and has burnt out the motor. After washing up for close to 20 years I was so grateful for that darn thing! Now we have to save some money to buy a new one. Another couple of weeks of manually washing the dishes isnt going to hurt! Well, it does hurt my back because of my baby belly and my arms are too short to reach past my tummy and into the sink so it has to be very full, but besides that, it’s all good.

Which reminds me, I really have to get some photos of me before this baby comes, huh? I might harrass Steve on the weekend to take some.

Well, thats it from me today! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!!!! 😀

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  1. Hi Beth it has been ages but I've just spent ages catching up, when are you due? Thats cool that you changed youir name!!


    Lauren x

  2. Hi Beth,
    Gorgeous LO of your beautiful Webster. Hope things are going well with your pregnancy. Not long now!!!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog
    Stalk you again soon LOL!!

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