She shoots, she scores….

Well, no, not really, but I did scrap!

Just a layout about an RDO I had last year. I appliqued the tree – cool, huh? I think the beads are a little OTT but once I had started glueing them down, well I couldn’t really stop, but anyway, they are there to stay. (Oh, thanks Petrina! You need to click on the layout to see the tree properly! LOL!)

In my haste to finish my post yesterday, I forgot to say a huge big thanks to Lusi and Mel, with whom I had a wonderful morning tea with last tuesday and who were there when I needed them – especially Mel with her tissues. Gotta love a girl with tissues! I had a awesome morning! And a HUGE congrats to Mel who also made Master’s Top 100! Thanks again guys!

On saturday I took Luke up to the local Little A’s club and registered him! He is in Tiny Tots – under 4’s. I got him a little singlet and his number is 75. He is going to love it! And the best bit – it’s on saturday mornings so even though I will be dead tired, at least I can go and watch and help out. Coolness. I so can’t wait to see him in his uniform!!

So, we did go on a boating picnic yesterday! Had heaps of fun and we were on the water for about 2 1/2 hours! Even the kids really enjoyed themselves – sometimes they get a little bored – but not yesterday!


Sorry about that crooked water photo – Kate took it – and it would seem the camera is just a little bit too big for her to hold comfortably!

It was such a glorious day yesterday that I had such a yearning for summer. Now, I am a winter girl through and through, I love it, it is my favourite season, but yesterday I couldn’t help but look forward to the warmer months. Just wait, once summer is here I will be saying I can’t wait for winter! LOL!

Well, I think that is it for me today. I better go as I have to get dinner ready, and then myself ready so I can go to work. Oh man, I am so looking forward to tomorrow! Steve is going interstate so I am left at home with the kids – all week – so yep, besides tonight, I have a week off work! YAY! And for those people who thought I shouldn’t dig holes at 31 weeks pregnant, the midwife I saw today for my antenatal appointment said it was fine as long as I didn’t go gung-ho and over do it. Maybe I did… just a little… but twas for a good cause! Ok, yep, I think now thats all I had to say.

Take care and thanks for stopping by!!!!! 😀

PS. Does everyone think there are too many scrapping challenge blogs, or is there possibly room for one more? Opinions? Comments? Suggestions? TIA!

0 thoughts on “27.08.07”

  1. Am I now to be known as the "girl with tissues"??? lol
    Thanks for the congrats…I'm glad I know someone else who has to endure the long wait for the results!!
    Looks like you guys had a great time on your boat!
    Love the lo, too( I love journalling on little strips !! )
    Hope all is well,
    oh…I tagged you ,too! tee hee!
    catch you soon

  2. love that page, love your bead work.

    and I reckon as long as you feel up to it, do what you want when your pregnant, you've been there before you know what your body is capable of. I didn't change anything with Charlotte.


  3. Never too many challenge blogs – tell me more!!!! 😉
    I love your little appliqué tree – that is so cute!!!! I had to click on it to make it bigger and I am sure glad I did.
    DH was talking about taking our kids to little A's but it is only on at night 🙁 so I guess we will wait till they are older.
    Have a good week….Love, P.

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