SO you see I was trying to go a whole month without posting. No, just kidding. We received some news the other week which really rocked our socks and well we have come to terms with it and are moving forward. Details to follow.

So while I have been mostly offline, I can say that I got all that cleaning done. My house was spotless. Perfect. Two weeks later, you cant really tell. I am dissapointed. Anyone got some good tips for helping kids help? Thanks for everyones comments. I like to know that I am normal. I dont want to be extraordinary. I just want to be ordinary, normal.

I have scrapped a bit, but thats only because I am in two comps at the moment. I am competing in Reality Scraps over at Scrapbook City. The layouts for that comp are Joy and Friday Favourite.

I am also competing in The Big Challenge over at Bon’s Scraps. The layouts I have done for that comp so far are Nambucca and Rain, rain dont go away.

The first layout – Joy – you could only use the MM patterned paper, no cardstock, and you had to use the 8inch MM chipboard shape and you had to put your journalling on it.

The second layout – Friday Favourite – you could only use cardstock, no patterned paper at all. You also had to have a handmade embellishment, use either a pice of bling or fancy edged bazzill, and a handcut title.

The third layout – Nambucca – had to use the colour combo aqua and peach. When I first read the challenge, I was like, What The?! but I love it now!

The fourth layout – Rain, rain dont go away – had to use the colour combo blue and red.

I tell you, the challenges arent easy but I am enjoying doing them.

I know I am sad, but I have already started on my BTP for this years Scrabooking Memories Masters comp! I just want to not leave it to the 11th hour like I did last year.

I was lookingo ver at Lusi’s blog and I am so in love with her playing cards she is doing for Emily Falconbridge’s challenge. Very inspiring stuff. I might just need to buy a pack and see what I come up with… Hmmm…. dont know exactly when I will have time to do it though….

Not much else has been happening. Home stuff and work. I worked 42 hours this week! Cant wait for pay day! LOL! 😉

I have been thinking about challenging myself (I am doing nothing but challenges lately! LOL!) to take a photo a day. Maybe every two days. LOL. I will start today and see how I go I think.

Signing off for now! Thanks for stopping by and I am slowly getting around to people’s blogs… slowly…. Take care! 🙂

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  1. Hi Beth. I hope it is good news coming.

    Have the SM guidleines been out out yet? I don't think I will even be eligible this year. I'm sure you will make something awesome.

  2. Hi Beth

    You are doing an awesome job with all your challenges! Wow sounds like you are working hard too! Without having SBC forum up I thought I would drop in and say howdi. Can't wait to see what you have come up with for this weeks challenge! Take Care and don't work too hard ;0) Cheers Annette

  3. i'm still giggling madly
    keep me updated dude.
    message me !!!
    i was gonna ask if i shall drop over on friday
    but with this MM thing i have no spare time til next week! maybe next tuesday?

  4. oh Beth, I sooooooo can relate with the cleaning thing – I suck at housework – only because there are so many other things I would rather be doing!! Then it gets such a mess I go into this cleaning frenzy – it stays that way for, ohhh, 5 minutes!!

    My kids are hopeless at cleaning up after themselves. My 1.5 y.o is better than my 4y.o, believe it or not. Trying to get my 4 y.o to help is like pulling teeth.

    Your LOs are great – congrats on making it through another round of RS – great challenge this week with BG.

    I wanna know if you and Lusi and sharryn ever ran the C2S???

    I'm hoping to do my first ever 5k without stopping next week …

  5. Nicole Finlayson

    I wanna know your news……

    I can't offer too much except we have a new system for earning allowaces and there are chores that the kids must tick off every day to get their allowance. So far it's worked and the kids are taking more pride in the tidiness of our home.

    I find anything in lists is appealing to them so they can have the satisfaction of crossing jobs off but it doesn't KEEP the house clean. There is that saying "Cleaning the house while children are growing is like shovelling snow while it's still snowing…."

    Sigh…I'm LOVING your take on the challenges, you've taken them on sensationally!

  6. Hay Beth,

    I think the the reality scrap comp is great even though I'm out I still love doing the challenge's. It's made me pull my finger out and use up some of the ever growing pile of goodies on my desk.

    Hope that your world is back to normal soon.

    Lauren x

  7. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
    *giggles madly*

    did you put your socks back on?

  8. I hope everything is okay Beth, Im thinking of you sweetie.

    As always, I love your work and style. Keep up the good work.

  9. Hi Beth
    I love your layouts, Love the idea of just colour combo and no other restrictions!
    I hope everything is ok at home and sending {{HUGS}} if they are needed:)
    With tidying up, I just believe you have to teach them young from the time my kids were walking I taught them to put thier toys away. Would sit with them, help and encourage them and show them what to do. Hope that helps.
    Take Care

  10. I hope everything is OK?

    Gorgeous layouts btw.

    Dunno what to tell you about the kids and cleaning. Zali helps when it suits her, Shaylah simply refuses to help. I HAVE put toys in the bin before, which sometimes works lol. But I know how you feel.

  11. Hey Beth – long time no talk!

    I say be happy you had it clean – I know what a tornado kids are!!LOL It's been a LONG time since I could say this house was clean at all!!

    Your layouts look awesome – as always, you know I love your stuff!

    See you soon,

  12. Hi Beth

    Great to catch up on your recent news. Your doing a brilliant job with those challenges. All your layouts look wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us.

    I bet you can't wait for pay day after working so many hours. WOW your superwomen!

    Have a great week end and keep smiling. From Susan at Scrapboxx xxoo

  13. Hi Beth hope everything is alright.

    Glad to see your LOs again they look great and goodluck with the competitions.

    About the cleaning up I try to instill in them to tidy up after themselves and to not take out a million toys, apart from that don't know what else but be on their backs LOL.

  14. Our munchkins help out, I've been training them since they were little to pick up but with 3 under 3 it wasn't always easy and I often ended p doing it myself! LOL Now they are growing up they are pretty helpful kids so some of it must have rubbed off. 😉 LOL

    Praying all is ok for you and your lovely family Beth…
    Love Chrissy xx

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