RETREAT STARTS TONIGHT!!! WOOT!!! I am so excited!!!!I am all packed and ready to go!I just have to go to the shop and by food supplies for the family for the weekend!I had a bunch to write about but in all my excitement I have forgotten. Oh well. I have decided to have a crack …

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Only 4 more sleeps until the Superstore Retreat!!!! How exciting!!! I cant wait!!! Luke’s forehead healed really well. It is still scabby but its all good. Then this morning as he was watching me wash up he fell of a chair and hit the back of his head and now has a egg there. No …

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I am happy. I truely am. I am content with my life at home and at work. I didnt get that job I applied for, and even though I am a little dissapointed, I am happy. I am happy because life is just how I want it. Here is a layout I just finished:

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