Last week was so busy! I really should have blogged throughout the week as this is going to be a long post!

Last wednesday I rang my grandarents to see how Kate was going and they suggested I meet them at the shops. So I spent the better part of my day walking around the shops not looking at anything in particular. We had to cut the trip short as Luke had an accident. So we came home and I cooked dinner and then went off to work.

Thursday I met up with the gorgeous Lusi and her 3 munchkins! Lusi is just wonderful and her kids are just darling! I can’t wait till the next time we meet up! The kids played really well together and I had the nicest chat and the best frozen coke! LOL! 😉 Then I went and collected Kate from my grandparents house. Home to cook dinner then go to work.

Friday was just super hot! We went to the shops to buy some stuff for school and Luke needed a new pair of shoes. He even picked his own shoes out – Spiderman ones! He loves them and wants me to keep taking photos of them! LOL! Then back home again and the kids played around in the wading pool to cool down. They had heaps of fun and were in there for 2 hours while I sat and read a magazine (supervising LOL). Then dinner and work.

Saturday I got to scrap with Kylie and Moira at a class taught by Kylie. My layout turned out nothing like the class one, but I used it as inspiration. 😉 I have decided just to let go with my scrapping and do whatever and you know, I had fun! I also had fun at the 50% off storewide sale. Lets just say ALOT of fun. I bought The Journaler’s Handbook and lets just say I almost cried after reading the first 4 pages! I know I am a sooky lala – but I have so many journaling ideas floating around my head, I just wish I had some time to scrap them!

Then on sunday we went to Taronga Zoo! We went with Fliss and Jus and had a great time! The kids loved it! Although I think it may have been just a bit much for Luke. The seal show was great but after that it got quite hot and it was just after lunch time so alot of the animals were dozing at the back of their pens after that. Not to worry! We got to see the new elephants too. When we got home we had a nap and then Steve went out to dinner with some mates for a farewell and me and the kids watched Barnyard. Well I laughed and I cried. It was a good movie, but a little dark for kids I think.
Which brings me to today. Don’t you hate it when you do the shopping and think ‘nah I dont need that I have some at home’ only to go home and find you have run out!? Argh! So back to the shop we go… while I was there this time I bought a new washing basket and yep I hung washing on my clothesline. I havent used my clothesline for the last 18 months I reckon. Since getting that dryer I use that and only that. It didnt help that we would always wash in the evenings. So my pegs are getting a workout. LOL!
Lusi and I were having an Ali E talk the other day about a Word. I have chosen my word for he year. ENJOY. I need to enjoy the small things. The big things. The obscure things. I need to enjoy my hobbies. I need to enjoy my family time. I need to enjoy my me time (not that there is much of that left nowadays!). I just need to enjoy.
Well, I better go as Luke decided to play with a bee and in Luke style, got stung on the finger. A lesson learnt I hope. So now the kids are watching Playschool. Quiet times.
Thanks for stopping by and take care!

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  1. Hi Beth just blog surfing and I found yours. (I put scrapbookcity blog into my search engine and your blog was the first on the list) Thought I would say hi.
    Tanya Reedy

  2. All the photos are great Beth. It sounds like a wonderful trip to the zoo.

    Im glad to hear that you scrapped for you and enjoyed it.

  3. Nicole Finlayson

    LOVE that Skater Boy layout Beth, fantastic. Your pics are all great too.

    Your post sounds like you have had an exhausting week and I have to say, ENJOY sounds like a great word to me.

    Nic xx

  4. That skater boy layout is really cool btw Beth and congrats on your honourable mentions for the Masters this year,

  5. Sounds like you had fun at the zoo Beth :O) Thanks for stopping by my blog, I've added you in the sidebar :O)

  6. Hiya Beth, just stopping by and thought I'd say a little hello! Fab piccies and LO, looks like you've been having some fun these hols!! Lucky you to spend some time with the lovely Miss Lusi, she's such a darling girl!

    Take care!
    Chrissy xx

  7. loving that LO, you cleaver cookie.. Sounds like you've been VERY busy, like too busy for the ongoing, LOL!!!!!!!!!!! :)just stirin' 🙂

  8. Well Beth it sounds like you have had an extremely busy week!

    Love the photos and the layouts…I always like to SEE what everyone has been doing!

    Megan xx

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