Wow! Another week gone! This year is already going far too fast for my liking! Well in the last week I have had a birthday. I am now officially 27 even though I have been telling people that for the last 6 months as I kept forgetting – hopefully not a sign of things to come! LOL! I know – I look absolutely divine in my pyjama pants! I would just like to take a moment to thank everyone for their birthday wishes! You guys are the best! 😀

Now, I think I did something on the monday, but you know, I cant for the life of me remember what it was. Man I have to start blogging more frequently… or keeping a diary, but I suppose that is what this is.

So Kate started Year 1 on tuesday. Only 2 other kids from her old class went into the new class. I was a little worried about that but I know she is in good hands as her teacher is awesome! I had a brief chat with her teacher as I thought maybe the class may have been graded, which was why she wasn’t with her friends, but it isnt. So thats all good.

Wednesday was just a boring home day. I had to go to the Family Day Care office to enrol Luke though as I am putting him in care one day a week (to start with) so I can get some uni work done.

Thursday, well well well. I had a marvelous day! I went to my grandparents as Kate left something behind when she stayed there in the holidays, and then I drove a bit further up the mountains to go and visit Lusi for the day! I love this girl! We get on so well and I feel really comfortable with her. The kids got on famously too, which was awesome! Luke and Elijah were collecting snails and playing lego and playing with Buzz. I think Luke had just a good a day as me! Had so much fun talking about scrapping, and family and just well, stuff! Can’t wait to do it again! Lusi is such a scrapping inspiration to me! She even gave me a notebook for my birthday which is gorgeous!

Afterwards I picked Kate up from school and then went to a lady’s house to check it out for Luke to go there for care. It turns out that she has a daughter in year one aswell, and yep, even in Kate’s class! LOL! It’s such a small world! I will reserve my judgements until he starts there, but for now, I feel a little obliged to send him there. We shall see I guess.

Friday. Hmm it wasnt that long ago, so what did I do? Thats right, I had a nice sleep with Luke for an hour and a half. Thursday nights are the worst for me, I just hit the wall and then it takes me all day friday to recover. Luke was a great kid and even had a nap with me! 🙂

Saturday I got to sleep in – yay! We went out to Forty Winks and bought a new matress for Luke but its not in stock until wednesday. Then we had KFC for lunch. Yum. Then we just bummed around and got a DVD out to watch – the Jack Black one where he is a wrestler, man I am having the biggest brain fart in the world! Anyway we watched that and had an early night.

Sunday we cleaned all day. Not only that we put up DD’s old bed that she didn’t like at the time. It is one of those raised beds with the bookshelf and cupboard underneath. She wanted it so we moved her bed into Luke’s room as he climbed out of the cot and well he is 3 now so its about time. So the whole house is spic and span and we shall see how long that lasts………

I started a Photo A Day challenge over at Blue Bazaar and well, I only took my forst photo yesterday. A self portrait. It turned out ok enough. I did it in the bathroom mirror. I am so thankful for the moveable LCD screen on the camera. LOL!

I am also participating in Reality Scraps over at Scrapbook City and I have made it through the qualifying round and now I am in the challenge with 20 other very talented ladies. It is very exciting to say the least! Our qualifying challenge was to do a layout about what we wanted to get out of Reality Scraps. And here was my entry. A layout inspired by a talk me and Lusi had about just ‘letting go’ and having fun!

I just love the challenge to be honest. I work better with a challenge or a deadline. The week 1 challenge is ‘My Passion’. I have a couple, not many really. But I have a few thoughts in my head.

So I sit here now contemplating driving over to Spotlight, I heard they had a good deal on Urban Lily stuff, and thinking I would also like to get some fish for dinner. I think I just may pull my finger out of my behind and go and do just that.

The other night I saw a snippet on TV about the book ‘The Secret’ and it is all about The Law of Attraction and it had a bit about being grateful. So I am going to post one thing I am grateful or thankful for in every post.
I am thankful that I have a sweet husband who likes to give me backrubs when I am falling asleep.

Ok, take care and thanks for stopping by!!! 😀

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  1. Woww hoo Happy Birthday fellow aquarian!! gosh there are so many of us around!! Love that LO BTW it's spectactular!!!!!!

    TTYL Cass

  2. Happy belated birthday Beth and only 27.

    Love your LOs and congrats on getting through to the first round of the Scrapcity comp. good luck with the rest of it.

  3. Happy Birthday Beth!!! And can I just say that layout looks absolutely AMAZING!!! I love the graded colour in the background, all the best with the comp!

    Hope you had an awesome day.
    Secondly….OMG..that layout ROCKS!
    It's fantastic! I love it! Can you tell?? LOL
    And how grown up does Mikk Kate look now in Yr 1? LOL
    Take Care
    Sharryn 🙂

  5. Oh oh oh – what a yummy layout!!! I LOOOOVE it! Glad things are going so well. And you're right – this year is going way too fast!!!

  6. Hey Beth, you look fine in your PJ pants, and a big congrats on your 27th Birthday, gee I wish I was that age again LOL !! I hope you had a lovely day.

    First day of school I hope it went well for your DD, the photo of her is so very cute.

    And lucky you getting to meet Lusi, what a talented lady, I bet you had a lovely time.

    Good luck with the Reality Scrap, into the second round well done, and it is the games night on Friday, I hope you have a ball.

    And I so agree where has this year gone, just going far to fast.

    Have a great week Beth.

    Best Wishes

  7. Hay Beth,

    firstly CONGRATS on making it through the qualifying round, your a very talented scrapper so it came at now surprise when I was sitting there at midnight last night waiting for the results. lol

    Now why don't you use your b'day pic for your avator???? lol No I do truly love the stick man!

    I love this page very it must have taken ages.

    Have a great week! Cheers Lauren Lx

  8. Princess Lu the Scatterbrained

    Hi I've loved reading your blog! I saw lots of things that I can defintely relate to! I had my DS start grade 1 last week too and thankfully everyone was cool and not stressed at all. I laughed at the clean house – yep mine is too – for about a NANOSECOND!!! LOL Have a cool week and ditto on the being grateful thing. Lusi got me onto that track of thinking and I keep forgetting to add things to my blog so I'll go back and do it now that you've unknowingly reminded me!

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