RETREAT STARTS TONIGHT!!! WOOT!!! I am so excited!!!!
I am all packed and ready to go!
I just have to go to the shop and by food supplies for the family for the weekend!
I had a bunch to write about but in all my excitement I have forgotten. Oh well.

I have decided to have a crack at the For Keeps Everyday Moments comp. If I finish I will enter. If I dont I will end up with some beautiful layouts. I have done one so far.

<—– So here is my first layout. LOL Luke is the funniest kid! He has realised he can roll his tongue! So cute! I tell you though, it was hard using those ribbon buckles!!!

I am loving the colour orange at the moment so expect to see more photos of luke in that orange shirt! LOL! Just to use up my orange paper stores!

I got my number for the City to Surf the other day. 19980. Cool. Take out a 9 and its my year of birth! LOL! Very excited but I havent run in 6 weeks so I think I might take the camera and just soak up the atmosphere of running in a race with 60,000 other people. Or I might try and run and see how I go. Or I could always dress up. That gorilla suit is sounding good Kath! Either way, work has a tent at the end with food, drinks and apparently massages. Sweet.

So I better get going.
Thanks for stopping by and I will report early next week with a full report of the retreat! 🙂

0 thoughts on “28.07.06”

  1. I hope you enjoy/ed your retreat!!! Your layout looks fab – I haven't seen FK anywhere – not that I'd enter but I'm quite curious about the comp. And that post-race stuff sounds almost good enough for me to start running! LOL x

  2. Beth…so pleased you are entering the EDM comp…the themes are grreat so far and what an adorable layout of Luke to start your album off.
    Good luck in the City to Surf….Id need an Ambulance if I entered…LOL

  3. Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx

    I love this layout and photo of Luke, so cute and clever isn't he.

    Have a wonderful week end:)

  4. Beth, that lo looks great for the EDM comp! It's a family trait here too lol
    Bet you will have a blast on retreat :0)
    And waaaaaaay cool that you are going in the City to Surf…might try that one of these days!
    Lus x

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