Well, I didnt make it to round 3 of the Effer Dares Last Scrapper Standing. Oh well. I think I wasnt “effer” enough iykwim. Here is the layout I did anyway:

Kate got to stay home today, she wasnt sick, she had lice, but she acted like she was sick all day! She moped around on the couch and seriously acted like she was sick. Whats with that?!?!

Today was another glorious day in Sydney so we walked up to the shop. I got the kids a cheese and bacon roll for lunch and got a spare in case one of them was super hungry. Turns out they werent and so guess who broke their low carb diet? Ummm yeah me. But on these bleeping shakes you really start to miss real food with real texture! I savoured every bite too! I have been going hard on this diet for 14 days now and I have lost 3 kilos. So starting again tomorrow for another week… or two…

I ran last week! Gosh it hurt the next day! Seriously I could barely walk!! But it was so exhilarating to be back out there and I realised that I really did miss it!

So it is day something-or-other of The Rhonna Farrer 21 Day Challenge but I thought it was a little boring and I didnt want to bore everyone. So if you are interested in her challenge, check out her blog!

Well tomorrow is my last day of being a part time worker. I am a little saddened by this as I really love spending the extra time with Luke and being able to help out at the school, but I know it will pay off in the long run.

Thats about it from me! Cheers and have a good one!!! 🙂

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  1. Well Beth, i keep checking back and you have not updated your blog yet, so I thought I would push you in the right direction with a tag from me … check out my website 🙂

  2. LO's look fab Beth, I read about the class on Caroles blog, I don't think i'de ever keep up, I scrap far too slow! lol

    Enjoy your day,


  3. My eldest DD is also going through a nit thing and its driving me nuts, I cant seem to shake it no matter what I do.
    The layout looks great.

  4. Beautiful LO! Congrats on the weigh loss, and I know what you mean with the shakes!! Good on you for getting back into running, I havent ran for like maybe 4years

    All the best with FT work as well…

  5. Congrats on getting as far as you did with effers – sad loss for them!
    Congrats on getting back into running! I am so sore after running round the court last night – empathy here!
    Lus x

  6. wow you made a double? I never see doubles from talented scrappers, they all go single lol.
    That is a gorgeous double LO, love your colours, effers are missing out I say!!

  7. Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx

    Terrific effort with the diet and loosing 3 kilos, I bet your proud of that Beth. It's a great achievement.

    I hope you manage going back to work full time, I'll keep my fingers crossed that it isn't too stressfull for you.

    Take care and have a wonderful day:)

  8. Hi Beth, love your layout. I can imagine how you must be feeling about going back to part-time, I am so lucky I get to work from home, I would find it hard as well.

    Good luck with everything.

    Best Wishes

  9. Wonderful LO Beth, sorry about not getting through.

    Good for you to go running. Hope the transition from PT work to FT work is not too hard.

  10. Hi Beth!

    Love that layout, but you knew that already 🙂 Grrrr about the lice…arent they horrid things!?!? Well done getting back into the running, and the diet too 🙂

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