Oh this and that…..

First off I just want to say “HI FLISS!” incase you are reading! 😉

Secondly I bought myself a diary aaagggeeesss ago and I came across it in my *cough* filing box. So I thought since we are almost one month through the diary I better start using it! LOL!
It is titled ‘mind, body & spirit’ and I held high hopes for it when I first got it.
So I am going to share a passage a week out of it!
But I have a few to catch up on first… lol!

Dec 26 – Jan 1
Welcome the dawn
Even in winter (definately a northern hemisphere publication!), dawn is a special time, an awakening to new possibilities. Take a few minutes for yourself each day as the dawn is breaking – you could perform a short meditation, do some simple stretching exercises, or just spend a little while planning your day. You will feel better prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Hmmmm. Deep. I will do all that from the insides of my eyelids me thinks!

Yeah so I got my uni books today! YAY! I am doing Hydraulics II and Concrete Structures. I am super pumped but I am sure it will wear off…..

Hmmm nothing much else been happening – especially excercise! Blergh! I have a cold thanks to dearest Luke so I havent been doing anything!

Went to the school today to pick up the last things for Kate for school. Lucky I went as I was going to take her tomorrow – on advice from her teacher – but ummmmm kindy’s dont start until thursday! We would have looked a bit silly turning up a day early! LOL!!!!!

<—— I did a new layout. This is my favourite photo from our wedding and the photographer didnt take it. BIL did! Good eh? Yeah so it looks sooooo much nice IRL but you get that. The journalling is the poem ‘Marriage is a journey’ which was one of our readings in our ceremony.

In marriage walk the path together
side by side whenever possible
remember to hold each other when it is cold
if the air becomes too close
make a little space so each can breathe
when the path is narrow choose one to go first
always be willing to follow dont be afraid to lead
trust your partner trust yourself
for marriage is a journey that leads to great love.

Okies – thats all from me tonight! Off to peruse my uni stuff!!!!
Keep smiling! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Oh this and that…..”

  1. Hi Beth, I looooove that LO!!! Actually, I have really loved all of your wedding ones.. each time I see one I think oooh i need to do mine! LOL Just never get to it 😉
    Good luck with uni!!

  2. Beth what a gorgeous layout, love how you have stitched the heart and where it comes off the photo you have placed the flowers, and I am sure the journaling is lovely, really nice, and you right what a gorgeous photo.


  3. In case you haven't already read it on SB – I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that layout!!!
    Best wishes for Kate's first school day (on THURSDAY!) x

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