<—-So this is the layout using the super (un)cool Wiggles paper and die-cuts! I know, it is very simple but seriously?!?!? Oh and Kath – I do dodgy scans too…. sometimes! LMAO!! 😛

I can’t believe that it is Easter already! This year is flying! What is it with public holidays that makes people think they cant survive ONE day with the shops closed?!?!

You know I was thinking the other day about going in to watch the ANZAC Day parade. I was talking to Steve about it, because what if all the Returned Soldiers die – will there still be a march? Who will carry on with the ANZAC tradition? Anyway, I think we will go because I haven’t ever been to watch it. When I did Air League growing up I marched in it every year, but I have never actually watched it. I think this year will be the year.

So I am super excited because I am going to my FIRST scrapbooking retreat!!!! WAHOO!!!! Its for Scrapbook Superstore and its in July! I am bunking with Linda! YAY! I am so very excited!!!!!! I better start photoshopping my photos and getting them printed out!!!

What a very bizarre and random post?!?!!?

Thanks for reading!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. I think the layout is fabbo – you've done really well with the paper!
    So cool about the retreat! Where and when is it? Maybe I'll come!!! xxx

  2. LO looks great Beth considering the papers..ROFL
    I know what you mean about Anzac Day too..someone was saying the other day that it wasn't 'fit' for children to march wearing their relatives medals. Hello?? Who's going to be wearing them and marching when their relatives are dead?? Then there will be no Anzac Day!! Not good.
    Lucky you going on a retreat..sure you and Linda will have a ball!
    Sharryn 🙂

  3. One of the first papers I ever bought was the Wiggles range. Still havent used it..LOL!! I really should use it as I have some photos of Dominic with his Wiggles party when he was 2. You have given me inspiration!! Hehehe

    Have a very hoppy Easter!!

  4. LOL!! Im with you with the shopping, I am keeping well away all Easter LOL @ Kath, yep thats right!!

    Well, the layout is still cool, even with those uncool wiggles papers! LOL

    OH!! And I am SUPER excited about our scrapbooking retreat! Cant wait for it!

  5. 😛 to you too!!!!!!!!!! Who would have thought that one of my scans would look better than one of yours!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    I know what you mean about the scary shopping thing – I can't understand the panic either. THE SERVO has bread people!!

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