I got a phone call today. The job is getting closer and closer I can almost smell it! LOL! I have a meeting with a manager on monday. Half of my medical test is back, still waiting on the pee test results. Since it was a drug and alcohol test, I should pass! 😉 LOL!

I almost got divorced yesterday, just kidding! I can’t help myself. I promised Steve I would only buy one new set of Christmas lights every year. I got my second lot yesterday. Oops. But they are cute dangly ones with stars and trees and stuff. Very cool. I cant wait to put them all up!!!

I received 4 out of the 5 layouts I sent in for the For Keeps Awards of Excellence competition. A bit bummed as the one they kept would of had to have been the worst of the bunch! I hope they dont publish it as it is embarrassing! LOL! Well at least I can share them here now….. and sub them to other mags! LOL! I know, I am pimping myself….. 😛

Hey Shaz, I had a good look for us in SM and by crikey thats us!!! Well you anyway and the top of my head! How cool!!!

Well I am a little bored of scrapping lately. I still enjoy checking out the forums and stuff, I just dont want to scrap. I cant be bothered really. I thought about trying out some other crafts but I thought, meh, too hard. So instead I have decided to start reading some books. You know, like become more intelligent and stuff… 😛 So I read Treasure Island. I thought it would be different considering its a classic and all. Oh well. Now I am reading Morgan’s Run. I am the worst reader and always skip ahead to see what the characters are doing. LOL! I should just read it properly! So if anyone has some good book recommendations, please share.

Well, thats about it from me. I might clean up this desk and maybe head back inside to read some more. Hmmm. We shall see. Or maybe do some sudoku. I am a sudoku freak. Love it! Sad little life I lead I know… LOL!

Thanks, as always, for stopping by and wishing you well! 🙂

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  1. Don't you dare give up scrapping woman. I DO know how you feel though, I go through phases and think of chucking it all in quite often, but then I miss it too much lol.

    Good luck with the job, sounds positive.

  2. Good luck with the job – I love love love your layouts – know where you're coming from, with the being bored of scrapping thing – I'm just passing out of that phase!! Hope you are well xox

  3. LOL…I was going to hold a mag signing evening for that pic in SM but thought it would be really 'pimping' myself..ROFL
    Love your LO's and remember the one of Kate you started at the Crop for a Cure day…:)
    The job interview with the manager sounds promising and I'm sure you're tests will all be OK.
    I see that you've become a bit bored with scrapping lately…well so have I! I just can't be bothered pulling stuff out even though I have my own desk and everything. All seems like too much of a drama. I'm still taking photos but just not scrapping them as often as I usually would. I printed out 2 on Friday night that are recent but don't have the energy or inclination to scrap them at the moment.
    Hope it comes back to me soon.
    Good luck with the job.

  4. Hi Beth, good luck with the job, sounds like its a done deal. Love your layouts. I'll look for that one in FK, I'm sure it's beautiful if the rest of them are anything to go by.

  5. Ohhhh sounds like the job is almost a definate…although I wont jinx it…Ill just wish you luck.
    Typical isnt it…that they would pick your least favourite layout to publish…that happens to me too…I can never work them out.
    Good luck with the book reading…and Ive been known to read the back page to find out the end….then Im furious with myself…lol
    Mardi x

  6. Hey Beth good luck with you job, sounds like good news to me. All your layouts are wonderful, and I think it is great they kept a layout, well done, they must have loved it, and I am sure it is unreal.

    I keep my layouts in a 12X12 KFD boxes (good old KFD, they are unreal boxes), upright in my wardrobe, only some layouts go into albums depending on the layout, but I find the boxes wonderful. I also put a lot of my layouts on plate stands around the house, and change them regularly.

    I hope you have a great weekend Beth and Good Luck !!

    Best Wishes

  7. How cute is the Christmas photo. I have to see what colours Santa has so Lillee is colour coordinated. Lol

    Love those LOs Beth. Good luck with the job.

  8. Hey Beth! Congrats on your layout with FK!!! I got all mine back but subbed one to Sm and they picked one up….so there's still hope for us hey!!! LOL!!!
    Love especially the one of Kate at Nepean! It's so great knowing all the names of places on your blog and in your work – always chuffed that its my hometown too!
    Just fyi…the water feature at Nurrangingy – was designed my by sil…yep – very riveting stuff here on a thursday nite i tell ya!
    LOL! When are we scrapping together???
    Lus x

  9. Beth first from you last post love the Santa photo and he has a real beard.

    Good luck on the job.

    HA HA about the Christmas lights I am the same but with fibre optic ornaments and stuff haven't got any this year but it is still early days, we put the up last weekend cause hubby is working this weekend.

    The LOs are gorgeous and goodluck for the one that was accepted.

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