The retreat was good. It was great to get away and not have to cook and clean. Even if we did sleep in tent like structures and it was so cold the first night that it was difficult to sleep. The second night I was too tipsy to notice or care. That’s an advantage. I ended up scrapping 4 layouts. 2 I can share because one I made a bo0-boo on the title and I have to redo it and the other isn’t exactly finished.

Oh and this is one retreat that wont be forgotten in a while. It was great to meet some new fabulous scrapping sisters too. Fun times. 😉

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  1. Oh I love these 2 LO's…they are my faves…that bling on missy's one is soooo gorgeous. Im so glad someone found a use for it.
    And UM….tipsy…more like almost pissed you were he he he. THANKS for a fab weekend chickAdee 🙂

  2. Welcome back!! LOVE these layouts! Awesome work! Sorry it was cold the first night, but I'm glad you had a good time! Can't wait to see the newest stuff at Journal Challenges! 😀

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