You know, there are some definite advantages to working nights. Some mornings I get to see the most spectacular sunrises. I think with the heavy fog this morning it made for a real treat. The sun was just a massive big orange ball on the horizon today so as soon as I got home I headed back outside armed with my camera and started snapping. This one’s my favourite. I used a polarizing filter and got a bit of a sun flare but I just photoshopped it out a little. 😉

I also have some layouts to share. From the newsletter at Ideal Papercraft (TSE’s new name). I used Cosmo Cricket Material Girl range. I must admit, I struggled with this range. The colour tones were all wrong for my photos but in the end I thought, who cares, no one is going to scrutinize it that much! And now you all will since I wrote that. Oops.

0 thoughts on “26.03.10”

  1. Wow – these layout are amazing!!! And what a lovely style you have… there's absolutely nothing wrong with them at all IMHO! You're too hard on yourself! Great work!!!

  2. Gorgeous layouts as always Beth! I think the colours are just fine! And great catch on the sunrise! I'm too lazy to get up for sunrises 😉

    My designers are on a pink kick at the moment, curses!

  3. Stunning photo Beth, I will admit I am rarely up to see the sunrise but when i do catch it, it is stunning.

    I think you did a wonderful job with this range of papers. These layouts are stunning.

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