Craft: Pallet Chicken Coop Part 2

So all the way back here in May, I started the idea of building a chicken coop out of pallets.
Because it would be cheaper, right? Not really.
Sure, I got a trailer load of pallets for free from the local horse supply store (of course when Steve wasn’t home so he couldn’t say no. ;))

But then, you actually have to pull the things apart. And by pull, I mean going out and buying a $150 saw to cut through the nails.
Truth be told, I got really good at it in the end (Steve was still refusing the idea at this stage) and I could dismantle one in about 5 minutes flat.
I ended up with a giant wood pile (which Steve thought would make great firewood.)

I drew up some plans based on some I found online. I was all set to start building.
Then after a day out with my sister, I come home to find this.

Totally not how I had planned it, but since I finally had Steve on board, I didn’t care.
I did try to help with the build though.

And I helped to work out the annoying bits.

I can now add the circular saw and the reciprocating saw to my list of tools I can use. Together we came up with this.

And it sat like this in our backyard for an embarrassing long time (2 months!)

Because we couldn’t be bothered to work out how to make the nesting boxes that stick out of the coop for easy egg collecting access.
Spoiler alert: we board it up and just put nests in the coop. It gets finished pretty quickly after that (next post coming as soon as I download my photos).

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  1. I have stumbled upon your blog a couple years late BUT I absolutely love this idea. We got started with building the floor to our 3rd coop tonight and I decided to pause to do more research for an easier approach. thank you so much for sharing your idea here and I look forward to trying out my own version and will share a picture here with you too, if you'd like. Thanks bunches!

  2. Awesome, I'd love to see how your coop turns out! This being our first one, was very much trial and error. But the hens don't seem to mind!! 🙂

  3. Great post. These posts are indeed very valuable indeed. Found another great article with nice pictures sharing. A few days ago I made this type of Coop. It was amazing!! I have a reciprocating saw which makes easy to my work.

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