Free digital scrapbook templates – 8″x10″

I’ve been busy creating lately! I have been sticking to digital scrapbooking pages because I can sit on the couch and grab a spare half an hour to create.

One project going on for a while has been a travel scrapbook album for my Japan trip in 2016. I started this album as a traditional paper scrapbook album, but I have so many photos and experiences that it was taking forever to get any of it done. After putting off this project for years, I decided it was time to start it. Even then, it took me three goes to settle on the size and type of album I wanted to complete this project in.

Finally, I decided on an 8″x10″ photo book from Blurb. I created a set of simple digital scrapbook templates to use in Photoshop, sized perfectly for Blurb’s BookWright pages.

Because I love the photo book I have created, I have decided to share as free digital scrapbooking layout templates for the 8″x10″ size.

These are the best photo book templates for the Blurb photo book or trade book.

I like Blurb books as they seem to be the most cost-effective. I also like the proportions of the 8″x10″ photo book.

I used the free photo book layout templates to create the following travel scrapbook album. 

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Free digital scrapbook templates download

If you would like to use these free digital scrapbooking layout templates, all you need to do is fill out the following details to gain access to the free resource library.
digital scrapbook photo album templates

If you would like to download these free digital scrapbook album templates, you’ll need to sign up for the free resource library.

Fill out the form below to get the password and immediate access. 


How to use digital scrapbook templates

Using these free PSD scrapbooking templates is pretty simple, and you don’t even need Photoshop.

These templates can be opened up in the free Photopea online software. Alternatively, Affinity Photo can open editable PSD templates too.

After you’ve opened up the PSD template:

  • drag and drop your photo onto the top of your template
  • resize your photo using the corner handles; make sure you’re pressing down the SHIFT key at the same time as this will hold the proportions
  • Place the photo above the specific grey template rectangle where you want the photo to show
  • In the layers tab on the right-hand side, make sure the photo is directly above the grey rectangle also
  • Right-click on the photo layer and select clipping mask
  • The photo will look clipped by the box beneath it

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