The 10 best 12×12 scrapbook paper storage ideas

If you’re looking for scrapbooking organization ideas for your cardstock and patterned paper, then you’ve come to the right place!

Over the years I’ve found that I have more paper and card than anything other scrapbooking supply. I think this is because it is cheap by comparison to other supplies and because there are just so many pretty papers out there!

So if you’re anything like me, you’re always on the hunt for some budget-friendly scrapbook paper storage ideas.

The good thing is, once you’ve set up your scrapbook paper organization, then you can relax and get to scrapping!

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12x12 paper storage ideas

There are so many different ways to store your paper and cardstock.

The most important thing is that they are able to stay relatively straight, either vertical or horizontal. This way it won’t be warped when you go to use it.

There are so many different 12×12 paper storage ideas. Here’s a list of 10 different ways to organize and store your scrapbooking paper and cardstock.

1. 12x12 paper racks for scrapbooking

I know some scrappers who do not like paper racks, but not me! I actually really like using racks because they are stackable.

They can feel a bit flimsy, but I have 3 stacked on top of each other and they are jammed between two storage cabinets so they feel pretty strong and sturdy.

The ones below are made of metal and are from American Crafts in a cute mint colour! They are are a great 12×12 scrapbook paper storage idea.

2. 12x12 horizontal paper storage

A compact option for storing scrapbook paper can be as simple as a few stacking paper racks, like these ones from We R Memory Keepers. They fit in an IKEA cube bookshelf like the Kallax.

I have wooden shelving from Kaisercraft, but I don’t think they are made anymore, which is a real shame as they are fantastically sturdy. They are too big to fit into a bookshelf though.

I think horizontally is the best way to store scrapbook paper as it keeps the paper nice and flat. However, it does require more space.

3. 12x12 vertical paper storage

Vertical scrapbook paper storage is a great idea if you don’t have a lot of room to store your supplies. 

Most of the types of vertical storage for 12×12 scrapbook paper are similar to the old magazine holders, just bigger!

The one below is made of plastic and has dividers so you can separate your supplies. This type of holder is most suitable for cardstock paper storage as it will buckle and bend less than standard paper.

You can also look for some 12×12 scrapbook paper dividers to separate your paper and cardstock into more categories so you can find what you need quickly.

4. 12x12 hanging paper storage

Hanging paper storage is the best way to organize scrapbook paper if you are short on space. It neatly hangs on the back of a door to minimize the amount of room your paper supplies take up.

A scrapbook paper organizer like this is useful for both patterned paper and cardstock. This is a fantastic alternative to 12×12 paper storage shelves. It’s also big enough to hold your cutting mat. The way this scrapbooker paper holder is designed means your paper and cardstock won’t bend either.

5. 12x12 paper storage cart

A scrapbook paper storage cart is a great way to store your cardstock, papers and it’s an excellent scrap paper storage system. The reason why a cart like this is such a good scrap paper organizer is because the drawers can hold all shapes and sizes of paper.

The depth of each drawer makes it easy to just pop scrap bits of paper in. Some of the other styles of scrapbooking paper storage ideas such as the metal racks or vertical storage are more suitable for whole sheets of paper.

This system is equally useful as a 12×12 scrapbook paper storage cart though. And the number of drawers means you can separate your paper into various categories to make finding the perfect piece of paper a breeze.

6. 12x12 scrapbook paper organizer

If you are looking for a portable scrapbook paper storage system, then an expanding file is the perfect solution. This type of 12×12 paper organizer is good for both full sheets of paper and scrap pieces of paper.

It is easy to keep your paper supplies organized when using this type of scrapbook paper organizer. This 12×12 paper sorter can keep all your paper safe and organized. Line a few of these up on your bookshelf to keep your scrap area tidy so you can scrapbook whenever the mood strikes!

7. 12x12 paper storage rolling cart

For those of us who only have a small amount of space to keep our scrapbooking supplies, then a rolling cart combined with some plastic 12×12 paper storage containers might be the perfect solution.

A system like this is great if you want to take your supplies to a crop too. You will be ready just to roll out the door!

8. 12x12 scrapbook paper storage container

This type of plastic scrapbook paper storage container is just another way to store your paper and supplies. These type of boxes are super sturdy and hold a lot of paper. You can easily put them into a rolling cart and your paper will be safe from damage.

These particular ones are stackable too, so if you have lots of paper, you can keep your paper storage neat and tidy by stacking a few of these together.

9. 12x12 paper storage cube box

These storage boxes are so cute and would neat lined up on top of a bookshelf. They are perfectly sized for all you12 inch paper storage needs!

I have some boxes in my room for various things, and I like the way they look. 


10. 12x12 paper filing cabinet

A file cabinet for 12×12 paper is a great addition to any craft room. This stylish piece of furniture is the perfect choice to meet your scrapbooking storage and organizing needs!

This type of item can easily fit under your desk to save on space, and you will also have your supplies close to you. With the drawers, this is a great scrap paper storage idea too.


Final thoughts

I hope this list has helped you find cardstock storage ideas and scrapbook paper storage ideas that can be used to organize your scrap room.

Whatever scrapbook paper organization idea you implement, make sure it’s exactly what you need. Storage for your scrapbooking paper is not really a consumable item, so ensure you buy what will work for your current and future needs. 


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