Project 365: 15 – 22 January

Another eight photos.
It’s almost been a full month and I haven’t missed a day… yet.
15. We decided to give Pixie a bath. With gardening gloves on, of course. She didn’t find a huge amount of enjoyment in the process.
16. I’ve decided to start up again on Postcrossing. I’m only posting one card per week though, so it doesn’t get too overwhelming. All three of these cards (I had a couple of weeks to catch up on) are headed to Germany.
17. I had a $10 voucher for Kikki K as it is my birthday month, so I finally decided to get the A Sentence A Day diary. Love it.
18. We took all three animals to the vet. I had to sit outside with Sally as she was quite vocal (read: embarrassing).
19. I love my morning cup of tea.
20. I actually went for a run… and I didn’t fall over as I feared I would! Apparently it’s only bikes I fall off and I’m ok with the running thing.
21. A night out with Sarah and Daphne. We went to the movies and saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Amazing movie. It made my feet itch and I can’t wait to start traveling this world.
22. Luke had been asking for a couple of weeks now if we could make an apple pie. I finally remembered the ingredients when I went shopping, so we made it.

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  1. I can't believe it actually! I'm still managing to find something that catches my eye everyday to take a snap of. I think once I abandoned the rules and lists, it became so much easier to stick to! 🙂

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