Quilt: Baby Blanket

One of the people at my work is having a baby, well, not him, but his wife is. I may have been a bit tipsy when I suddenly declared “I’m going to make a quilt!’
With only a couple of days left of annual leave, I got to work! I pulled out all the fabric and Steve was not liking my choices. He said ‘well, it’s not going to win any shows’. He was right. The way I had laid out the fabric was a bit much. So, with a bit of white fabric, I ended up creating the top in one night.
Hey there, Sally!
I ended up quilting concentric triangles on the 60/30 degree line. I found the cutest dog flannelette fabric at Spotlight, that seems like it was made especially to go with the range I used. Which reminds me, after three quilts, I am now officially out of that fabric! I’ve got a real thing for stripes on the binding at the moment, so some grey striped just finished it off nicely.
Now let’s just hope we’ve guessed right, and it’s a boy!
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