SO you see I was trying to go a whole month without posting. No, just kidding. We received some news the other week which really rocked our socks and well we have come to terms with it and are moving forward. Details to follow.

So while I have been mostly offline, I can say that I got all that cleaning done. My house was spotless. Perfect. Two weeks later, you cant really tell. I am dissapointed. Anyone got some good tips for helping kids help? Thanks for everyones comments. I like to know that I am normal. I dont want to be extraordinary. I just want to be ordinary, normal.

I have scrapped a bit, but thats only because I am in two comps at the moment. I am competing in Reality Scraps over at Scrapbook City. The layouts for that comp are Joy and Friday Favourite.

I am also competing in The Big Challenge over at Bon’s Scraps. The layouts I have done for that comp so far are Nambucca and Rain, rain dont go away.

The first layout – Joy – you could only use the MM patterned paper, no cardstock, and you had to use the 8inch MM chipboard shape and you had to put your journalling on it.

The second layout – Friday Favourite – you could only use cardstock, no patterned paper at all. You also had to have a handmade embellishment, use either a pice of bling or fancy edged bazzill, and a handcut title.

The third layout – Nambucca – had to use the colour combo aqua and peach. When I first read the challenge, I was like, What The?! but I love it now!

The fourth layout – Rain, rain dont go away – had to use the colour combo blue and red.

I tell you, the challenges arent easy but I am enjoying doing them.

I know I am sad, but I have already started on my BTP for this years Scrabooking Memories Masters comp! I just want to not leave it to the 11th hour like I did last year.

I was lookingo ver at Lusi’s blog and I am so in love with her playing cards she is doing for Emily Falconbridge’s challenge. Very inspiring stuff. I might just need to buy a pack and see what I come up with… Hmmm…. dont know exactly when I will have time to do it though….

Not much else has been happening. Home stuff and work. I worked 42 hours this week! Cant wait for pay day! LOL! 😉

I have been thinking about challenging myself (I am doing nothing but challenges lately! LOL!) to take a photo a day. Maybe every two days. LOL. I will start today and see how I go I think.

Signing off for now! Thanks for stopping by and I am slowly getting around to people’s blogs… slowly…. Take care! 🙂

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