RETREAT STARTS TONIGHT!!! WOOT!!! I am so excited!!!!I am all packed and ready to go!I just have to go to the shop and by food supplies for the family for the weekend!I had a bunch to write about but in all my excitement I have forgotten. Oh well. I have decided to have a crack …

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Only 4 more sleeps until the Superstore Retreat!!!! How exciting!!! I cant wait!!! Luke’s forehead healed really well. It is still scabby but its all good. Then this morning as he was watching me wash up he fell of a chair and hit the back of his head and now has a egg there. No …

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<—-So this is the layout using the super (un)cool Wiggles paper and die-cuts! I know, it is very simple but seriously?!?!? Oh and Kath – I do dodgy scans too…. sometimes! LMAO!! 😛 I can’t believe that it is Easter already! This year is flying! What is it with public holidays that makes people think …

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Well I havent blogged in ages!!!!! So here goes: Today was a strange day – I was offered a job by a customer to be a secretary/accounts person. Am considering it as I am ‘over’ the targets at the bank. We will see. I put the Christmas deorations away – except for the lights as …

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Hey a palindrome! 21.12! LOL!!! Oh Moi – my name was Elizabeth – but everything – including drivers licence and passport was in Beth – so it was very easy to have it changed! If my parents wanted to call me Beth – then they just should have! So…. work today. Busy too – which …

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Today I am going over to Kylie’s to exchange a few things – like I have an order here from KSK that we did and flowers for the Prima swap and I have to get a Xyron off her – I am very excited about this! I never “got” Xyrons…. until I used one and …

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I am happy. I truely am. I am content with my life at home and at work. I didnt get that job I applied for, and even though I am a little dissapointed, I am happy. I am happy because life is just how I want it. Here is a layout I just finished:


Hmmm an interesting day…… Went to shops first up this morning. I got Steve his BBQ and also 2 books for Christmas. Bought myself a new pair of sneakers which I have just tried out. 😉 Got the last layby out – well after them looking for it for about 15 minutes! But I was …

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