Day to day


So, we have a new addition to the Jarrett family. Pixie. She’s such a little sweetie. She’s scared of everything. She ate the kitty litter when we put her in it. I think she will fit in just fine.


I know, I’m all out of whack and I’m out of order, but I just came across this years Halloween photos. Luke wanted to be an Army man this year. It’s not the first year he has wanted to go as one. He really wanted me to make him camo pants and a bulletproof vest. …

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She amazes me.

Katie-bear. Our eldest who turned 12 this year. She is the quiet introvert with hardly a photo taken without a scowl on her face nowadays. Kate can work a computer like it’s nobody’s business. Touch type faster than me! She found Photoshop on the computer the kids inherited. She’s been having a bit of a …

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I like doing stuff.

You know, just stuff. It’s probably why I like corny things like Geocaching, scrapbooking and running around in circles and possibly getting lost. Stuff. So when I happened to come across the Family Fun in Sydney blog, I was so very super excited as now I had an easier way of finding out what stuff …

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